Friday, April 27, 2012

Frustration with Social Media

The phenomena that social media creates displays how public opinion is based on indoctrination by mass media, governments and other societal institutions like churches and schools. The use of words play a very key role in influencing the formation of opinion. If you read different newspapers side by side, you will see that one paper leans toward conservatism and the other towards liberalism. Each writer has their own unique tone of voice. Even with a very bad writer, you will find an individual personality that is like no other. People may sound alike or read like mirror-images of each other but there will always be tiny details that will set them apart. As a writer, I know I have the power to help educate people on issues. In the past several years, I have already been able to voice out my knowledge and personal convictions on human rights, and that voice was recognized by people who have become mentors and role models. But I have many frustrations when it comes to people who are apathetic and/or not aware of human rights abuses... Talking to people that I have written about human trafficking and female genital mutilation sometimes push people away or I get a barrage of ignorant, miseducated comments that just irritates me: People tell me that it only happens in Asia. Or I get a lot of angry words that I have heard a million times before. I am very disappointed that all the effort I have been giving had not created a dent in anyone's heads. So today, I am in the search for ways to make people more aware and with a much better understanding of the issues that affect the world today. I will work with people who have balanced views on opposing arguments. I will collaborate with organizations who are on a mission to properly educate the world at-large. Comment if you want to help me!

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