Monday, April 11, 2011


Source: DC Human Trafficking Task Force

Business Operating Under the Guise of a Massage Establishment
* Small business, primarily in busy business districts; cameras commonly outside of the business.
* There is a lack of easy access to the business establishment. Typically have to be buzzed in through a special door after customer is observed through a camera. Attempt to be inconspicuous within the building.
* Generally have very simplistic names like Happy Spa, Young's Spa, etc.
* Hours of operation are untraditional for most legitimate business establishments (ex.-10:00 AM to 2:00 AM)
* Most of the business advertisement is on adult websites.
* Business advertises "hot" women as masseuses who will ensure that you are satisfied in advertisements.
* The business will only service men.
* There is usually no legitimate business phone--most business is conducted via cell phones and unable to find it in a legitimate yellow pages search.
* The women who work at the massage parlor are usually young and scantily clad and customers are always escorted by another person.
* Have saunas, tubs and/or inoperable and very limited exercise equipment or massage beds.

Brothel Operating Out of a Private Residence
* Extremely transient movement in and out of a particular unit.
* High traffic of scores of different men going into and out of the designated unit/property.
* Apartment within a multi-family dwelling and occasionally a row home.
* Someone typically guarding the front door entrance.
* Refusal to serve certain ethnic populations.
* Large number of women being transported to and from the property.
* The "residents" do not appear to be familiar with the neighborhood or surrounding area.
* Women who are young or appear to be ypung "residing" at the home or regularly frequenting the home.

HOTLINE: If you suspect an illegal house of prostitution or human trafficking, please call 1-888-3737-888. Best measure is to keep your eyes open for something that just does not feel right.

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