Sunday, June 16, 2013

Modern-Day Slavery Thoughts (Part 1)

  1. Would people really care for the welfare of the workers that provide for their daily material needs? If people knew the horrible working conditions in farms, plantations, and factories, how would they react? Would they still buy the products? Or would they feel a sense of dread and guilt in financing the enslavement of these workers?
  2. I have noticed that most women who have means could care less for the people that serve them in food establishments, let alone the poor Bangladeshi working in a dangerous textile factory. This selfishness and self-centeredness does prove to be quite a hindrance in the anti-human trafficking movement.
  3. Why does the environment produce more of an attraction than the human condition? Why is animal welfare so important that it shadows the welfare of homeless persons, poor single mothers, and the people living in poverty all over the world?

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